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Music is more a part of our daily lives than at any other point in history. Yet we expect people to devote two hours of their day to pure listening, sitting quietly, and politely applauding at the end of a piece. Music arises from human behavior, and the study of human behavior is part of biology. Sheet music is hand written upon paper or printed form of musical notations. In other words, sheet music is the written representation of music. It is also known as score and is used as a guide or means to perform a piece of music. It is very helpful for a musician who is preparing for his upcoming performances. Digital sheet music is very much similar to the printed version of the sheet music but it has certain advantages over the print version. It doesn’t goes out of print so it can be offered in titles that are unavailable anywhere else. These titles could be downloaded for guitars, piano, vocal, violin and other instruments. A music notation program or score writer software is used to automate the task of writing and engraving sheet music. Such score writer allows you to input, edit or print music notes to different specifications. These score writers range from programs that can write simple programs to programs that handle complexities of orchestral music and music engraving.


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